Abdominoplasty is an operation of aesthetic surgery, whose purpose is to eliminate excess skin in the abdominal area, the waist and the thorax.

The tummy tuck is designed mainly for two types of patients:

Patients suffering from morbid obesity and who have lost a lot of weight, either doing some kind of diet, exercise or other alternative remedy such as an intragastric balloon. Women who, after a pregnancy, have lost the skin tone of their belly.

It is normal to combine the tummy tuck with a small liposculpture and thus definitively mold the trunk of the person, achieving a perfect figure. Generally, abdominoplasty is often confused with liposuction or liposuction, and has little to do with one another.

Differences between liposculpture and tummy tuck

Liposculpture is an operation aimed exclusively at absorbing localized fat that has not been lost through other means. In this particular case, there is no flaccidity in the belly and waist, so there is no need to “stretch” that skin.

The abdominoplasty almost can be said that it is the opposite case. In this case, there may be some localized fat, but the biggest problem is the flaccidity of the skin. Hence, it is necessary to perform this operation (as a kind of “lifting”) to remove all skin flaps and stretch it.

How a tummy tuck is performed

Abdominoplasty is a hard operation, in the sense that you have to use general anesthesia and make a series of cuts, removing all the excess skin and taking a few months to fully recover.

Of course, the factor that most determines the magnitude of the operation is the amount of skin to be removed (it is not the same to remove excess skin from the result of a pregnancy than from a weight loss of 100 kilos). This factor also determines the number of scars that will remain, as well as their size.

Plastic surgeon and anesthetist

These two doctors must work together to successfully complete a tummy tuck.

Before going through the operating room, they will have performed a series of medical tests to check that you are in good health, as well as to inform you of the dangers of the operation, its results and care during the postoperative period.

The marking

Before entering the operating room, our surgeon will proceed to mark with a marker the areas where he will remove all the excess skin. This will make you undress and stand up.

The marking is an important step in any abdominoplasty operation, as it is a guide for the surgeon to know where to work.

In the operating room

Once you are asleep in the operating room, the doctor will begin to remove all the excess skin, and in turn will see if you need to absorb some accumulation of fat, as well as reshape the appearance of some abdominal muscle.

Stretch the skin and suture the cuts that you have made. It is usually a not too long operation.

The postoperative

This is not an outpatient operation. In fact, once you have surgery, you will have to stay in the clinic for a few days, with a minimum of 3 being normal.

You will see that the surgeon has bandaged the entire area with a compressive bandage, which will be removed and replaced when the nurse or doctor comes to heal you.

Once these days have passed, you will be placed in a compressive strip (essential for the skin to return to its place) and you will be able to return home. It is recommended that, for a few days, you do not make any effort so that the stitches do not throw you away and the wound can heal well. We must think that the biggest problem with this operation is that the scars are good, so it is necessary to do everything in our power to make it so.

You must go daily to the doctor to perform the corresponding cures and thus avoid that the scars can be infected in any way. In addition, as the doctor sees it, you will be able to remove the stitches little by little.

As the postoperative period progresses, you will be able to take small walks with the intention of being able to clear yourself a bit, as well as avoiding the formation of blood clots. These trips should be advised by your doctor at the appropriate time, and not performed at your own risk.

With these care, together with some medication such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, you will see how the swelling and bruising will begin to diminish and you will begin to really see the results of the tummy tuck.

It is important to think that the postoperative period of this operation requires a great deal of patience. It is normal that the final results are not seen until after 3 months, so do not despair and think that you will have to be a season enduring the desire to see the final results.

We have to think that abdominoplasty is a complicated operation and that it requires the experience of a good plastic surgeon. In addition, you will need to be a few days in, and that carries an added cost.

Frequent questions

There are several questions that patients often ask the surgeon (in fact, it is your obligation to ask everything you do not understand). Among the most frequent is:

Is anesthesia dangerous?

Fortunately, the substances used to anesthetize a patient in general have progressed dramatically. Even so, whenever there is a general anesthetic there is some danger, but you should not worry about it if your health is good and you put yourself in the hands of a good professional.

Will I have some kind of scar?

Whenever a cut is made, a scar appears, but in these cases cuts are usually made in areas where these scars are covered by clothing.

For example, you should not worry if you wear a bikini, because the bottom part will cover the scar enough. In addition, in the specific case of women who have had a child by caesarean section, it is normal to re-cut for that scar in order to “take advantage of it” and not have 2 cuts in the same area.

For all these reasons, you should know that you will have a scar, but you will try to do everything possible to disguise it to the maximum (any doubt on this subject will be sure that the doctor can solve it with more success).


An operation of aesthetic surgery whose objective is to eliminate the excess of skin of the abdominal area, waist and thorax.

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