Breast Augmentation

What is breast enlargement??

The breast enlargement, as its name says, consists in the increase of the breast volume or the restoration of the volume of the breast from the placement of a prosthesis or implant to achieve the desired shape, volume and appearance.

Breast augmentation is clinically known as augmentation mammoplasty. It offers to increase the fullness and the projection of the breasts, to improve the balance of the figure, the image and the confidence in one.

Breast implants can also be used for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or major injury. In the event that the patient’s chest is to be lifted, the technique known as “Mastopexy” or mammary elevation to which breast implants can be associated or not will be practiced.

What problems can you solve

It allows to solve the lack of development of the mammary gland, to solve the volume losses in the chest as a result of pregnancies or over the years, to correct the asymmetry of the breasts or to solve malformations in the breast such as tuberous breasts ( breasts in the form of a tube instead of rounded and very separated from each other). Although, on many occasions, the intervention is performed solely for aesthetic reasons.

How is the intervention

The intervention is performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are made in less visible areas to minimize the impact of the scars and the implant or breast prosthesis is placed behind the pectoral muscle.

The incisions vary depending on the type of intervention to be performed. Normally they are performed in the periareolar area (edges of the areola), inframammary area (under the chest in the area between the chest wall and the lower chest), and axillary area.

The most commonly used types of breast implants are: cohesive silicone gel, saline solution (sterile salt water), in terms of the shape of the implant they can be round or anatomical.

The operation usually lasts one hour. During the first two or three days a compressor bandage is placed. The patient can return to her usual routine in three or four days, although, depending on the technique used, the recovery can last for about two weeks.

This is “the perfect chest”

The “perfect chest” is one that has agreement with the rest of the body, that is, one that presents a harmony with the body contour and that looks and feels as natural as possible. Exaggerated measures are usually not recommended. The shape and size of the implant is chosen on the basis of each patient.

The breasts should be as symmetrical as possible, the chest should be less full in the upper pole than in the lower and the nipples should face forward.

Ideal candidates for a breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a very personal procedure and should be done by choice, not to please another person.

It is important that every candidate for a breast augmentation intervention meets a series of requirements: it is necessary that the breasts are fully developed, have a good physical condition and have realistic expectations.

Do the implants last for a lifetime?

The new silicone gel implants are medical devices manufactured to last a lifetime, but regular exams are necessary to evaluate the state of the breast implants and the health of the breasts. The patient must be clear that despite the reliability of the implants it may be necessary, in the future, a second surgery to replace one or both implants.

Another reason to replace implants, although not always, is known as “capsular contracture”. When introducing an implant the body reacts by creating a coating, a capsule around it, as a defense mechanism. When that coating or capsule develops more than it can cause excessive pressure on the implant, modifying and deforming the breast, displacing the implant and causing severe pain.

Pregnancy, weight loss, menopause and any change in body structure can also lead to a second intervention to restore the shape and volume lost to the chest.

A chest is harmonious when it is in accordance with the body contour.

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