Facial Minilifting Without Surgery

What is a Minilifting Without Surgery?

The Minilifting without surgery is a set of techniques without surgery, minimally invasive, requiring only local anesthesia to achieve an improved and natural appearance in the skin of the face.

As we age our skin loses elasticity and relaxes, the fat decreases and moves by gravity creating annoying chins.

The cheeks are flattened and pockets appear in the lower eyelids.

The muscles also lose their size and strength, and with the loss of bone especially around the upper and lower jaws, the face acquires the typical characteristics of aging.

The sun and contamination by external factors such as smoking, age spots or thinning of blood vessels, make the skin lose collagen and hyaluronic acid and wrinkles appear.

The Minilifting will help you reposition the flaccid skin and achieve a natural rejuvenation, according to your anatomy and preferences.

The procedure to follow is determined in the consultation and will be the one that best suits your objectives.


Minilifting is a safe alternative to surgical facelift and is indicated for patients seeking a non-invasive facial rejuvenation.

This technique offers significant and immediate results through facial filler injections that eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.


A set of techniques and treatments that will help you achieve a natural rejuvenation, according to your anatomy and preferences

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