Hair-loss treatments

Given that every patient is a unique case and that hair-loss treatments should be personally customised, the first step is that we always carry out a correct diagnosis in our practice from the case’s Clinical History and a suitable examination of the hair.

Every form of alopecia has, depending on its underlying cause, a different progression and we consider it essential therefore to customise each of our treatment guidelines, which may even be combined:

Vitamins, trace elements and amino acids for seasonal hair shedding

Its prescription in the form of capsules or lotions is aimed at improving the nutrition of hair in various states of deficiency and in seasonal hair loss, particularly in autumn and spring.


Injections are aimed towards maintaining, improving and above all the prevention of hair loss.

The goal of these homeo-mesotherapy procedure steps is to delay and even stop the hair loss and consist of performing several intradermal micro-injections with different medical products.

Treatment with platelet-rich plasma (PRP for hair loss)

Consists of the introduction of plasma with growth factors which release the patient’s own platelets by micro-injection into the scalp in a practically painless manner.

Its application stimulates collagen formation and increases vascularisation on the hair follicle level, making it very recommendable in mitigating hair loss and encouraging regeneration in patients with moderate hair loss.


In 1988 the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the USA) approved a hair loss treatment, for the first time. This topically applied drug in the form of lotion, acts by favouring greater blood flow in the scalp, resulting in increased blood-flow to hair follicles.


In 1997, the FDA approved the first capsule for treatment of male pattern hair loss. It acts by slowing the effects of androgens on the hair follicle level, as these cause acceleration of the hair loss process.

Laser in hair loss treatment

Studies on the effects of phototherapy with laser have shown an increase in cell metabolism and blood flow in the hair’s roots, which transforms the weakened follicle into one that is healthier, preventing excessive loss of hair and stimulating its growth phase.

Treatments for hair loss include procedures and surgeries that help their growth and delay their fall

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