Hair Biostimulation

Hair Biostimulation is the set of treatments or techniques used to provide active ingredients and nutrients needed to the scalp, to maintain and / or improve our hair health.

We are talking about one of the last treatments that fight against alopecia, and that prevent an excessive hair fall.

How is the treatment?

Biostimulation is done through a regenerative therapy with the patient’s own stem cells.

Hair treatment with stem cells is one of the most important discoveries to improve hair loss and recovery, being the most efficient non-surgical therapy to stimulate the scalp and activate hair growth.

Where are these cells?

These cells are found in the middle of the hair follicle, and are the ones that assure us the continuous supply of regenerative growth factors.

A personalized Biostimulation therapy for you
Biostimulation therapy offers a series of benefits, such as:

1. Rejuvenation of existing hair follicles.
2. Regeneration of new hair follicles.
3. Maintenance of existing hair.

The type of treatment to be applied is totally personalized and will depend on the diagnosis and degree of alopecia in each case.

If you are looking for a non-invasive treatment to stop hair loss in both women and men, this may be your treatment!

If you suffer from moderate alopecia or weak growth, this capillary regeneration treatment can be your solution

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