Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow grafting refers to the automatic transplantation of hair in the eyebrows, by means of the FUE technique. Eyebrow grafting is becoming more and more common with spectacular results through the development of the latest in hair-transplant surgery, achieving the utmost natural appearance.

Why have an eyebrow transplant done?

The need to re-populate an alopecic area may arise for any of the following reasons:

Excessive epilation: excessive or repeated epilation of the eyebrows ends up causing alopecia due to traction, resulting in small or large bald spots where the hair ceases to grow back.

Many of our patients are women who say their eyebrow hair is no longer growing back due to epilation.

Trichotillomania: is a nervous behavioural condition in which hair is compulsively pulled out in that area, until it stops growing back.

Scars: it is possible to cover a scar with the FUE hair-transplant technique. The only possible treatment for scars is surgery, since, as we explained in this article about scarring-related alopecia in eyebrows, there are no “roots” that could be regenerated with medical-cosmetic procedures.

What does eyebrow grafting entail?

Eyebrow transplantation is a real exercise in meticulous precision. It is made possible thanks to the most advance hair graft technique currently available, namely FUE hair grafting.. The matter at hand is the implantation of hair from the neckline – that most similar to the receiving target region – into the eyebrow, one follicle at a time. Anaesthesia is local (although sedation is available for any patient preferring it) and in a single day or session the treatment is complete. The survival rate of this new hair is 100%.

The transplanted hair will genetically behave just as what it is, i.e. the donor region’s hair, meaning that it will need to be cut so as to prevent it from growing more than the surrounding hair. However, this is no problem for patients, who are always very satisfied with the surgery that gives them back the look they have been wishing for.

The keys to eyebrow transplantation lie firstly in the experience of the medical team with the FUE technique, and secondly, in the design of the eyebrow previous to surgery. .This eyebrow design, which we perform in the practice, is made up of an extensive analysis and study of the eyebrow hair’s direction, as well as the pattern and lay-out in achieving the utmost natural look.


A technique with a result 100% natural, definitive and that leaves no scar

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