PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma -PRP- is defined as a portion of one’s own plasma with a platelet concentration higher than the baseline obtained by centrifugation.

This plasma fraction contains, in addition to a greater volume of platelets, the factors responsible for coagulation. This platelet concentration can be up to 8 times higher than untreated blood, so these platelets are the ones that will accelerate healing.

Treatments with Platelet Rich Plasma help to produce an increase in the tissue repair processes of soft and bone tissues, and to reduce the rates of postoperative infection, pain, and blood loss.

According to some scientific studies, treatment with PRP produces a significant reduction in the time elapsed until healing in treated patients (mean 2.6 months), compared to the previous time (11.9 months).

This improvement was achieved in 72% of patients by a single application of PRP, alone or in combination.

What are its benefits?

Knowledge of growth factors in clinical practice is not a new fact.

Among the benefits of an aesthetic medical treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma we highlight:

  1. Regeneration of facial photoaging
  2. Loss of skin quality
  3. Blemish improvement
  4. Fight cellulite
  5. Recovery of capillary density
  6. In summary,

The application of platelet-rich plasma is increasingly used in the clinical practice of various specialties, to achieve an acceleration in tissue regeneration processes.

And the most important.

A completely natural procedure that has no side effects, as it is treated with the patient’s own plasma.

Treatment with immediate effects so that you get a smoother, hydrated and toned skin!

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