What is Rinomodelation?

A rinomodelación consists basically of the introduction of biocompatible materials in certain points of the nose to fill with them depressions, disguise the hump, raise the fallen tip or make the asymmetries more regular.

With the rhomodelation the nasal angles are modified and the back is rectified.
The objective is to hide the defects or raise the areas that require it.

It must be added that although the nose is the central area of ​​the procedure, this practice also allows correction of the chin and other areas of the face profile.

It is a minimally invasive technique and its results are almost always immediate and spectacular finish.

In addition, it is important to add that it is practiced with local anesthesia, and another of its advantages are the almost always nonexistent postoperative discomfort.

Once done, they will not require plugs, plaster or much care. It is a simple and brief treatment.

This practice is a type of Bioplasty.

What is Bioplasty?

Bioplasty is understood as the art and technique of stimulating the growth of one’s own tissues, creating and highlighting the proportions of beauty.

It is not necessary to conceive it as a simple “filling” since it is much more than that.

The best tools and materials are essential for performing a rhinoplasty, but they are not enough.

In Clínica Élite Palma we have the most advanced technologies in addition to the best specialists: experienced, with technical skill and artistic sense.

A rhinoplasty without surgery with almost always immediate results and spectacular finish

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