Chemical Peeling

A professional chemical peel suitable for your skin type can significantly improve the damage caused by sun exposure, discoloration or facial wrinkles.

The chemical peel is a non-invasive medical-aesthetic procedure with immediate effect, which helps eliminate stains and impurities to achieve a more luminous and uniform skin.

. Improve the texture of the skin
. Illuminate the skin of the face
. Minimize wrinkles and fine lines
. Improve the appearance of small scars
. Improve age spots and pigmented areas

This treatment removes dead skin cells to allow the new layers to grow in place, improving their overall appearance with a more luminous and youthful appearance.

During exfoliation you will experience a burning sensation followed by an itching sensation.

You do not have to worry, this indicates that the chemical is penetrating the skin and is working on the layers of skin that we want to eliminate.

Once the skin is removed, the body begins its natural regenerative process. The new skin will grow during the next days and weeks to obtain a more youthful and healthy aspect, more luminous, and with fewer wrinkles, dark spots or scars.

You are interested to know that

Being a non-invasive treatment, the chemical peel can be repeated regularly and even schedule the sessions as a preventive anti-aging treatment.

Illuminates the general appearance of your skin getting a fresher and more youthful appearance!

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